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mHealth and Health IT two industries travelling on similar paths

The healthcare IT (EHR and interoperability modules) and mobile health (or mHealth) industries are traveling on similar paths.  They are both technologies in evolution that are sorely needed.  EHRs have been mandated by health reform legislation.  MHealth is still seen as an interesting curiosity by most.  Therein lies the difference.  Both will ultimately be here for the duration and dare I say, change healthcare the way it is delivered for a very long time. EHRs [...]


Can Health Information Technology Improve quality of care,Study

As researchers try to figure out whether health information technology (HIT) can improve quality of care, a study of 761 nursing home residents suggests that a comprehensive health IT system doesn’t have any significant impact on health outcomes in this patient population.   There was “no measurable improvement in resident condition as a result of the HIT intervention. Therefore, claims that HIT in nursing homes will have direct benefits for residents should be tempered by [...]


Emerging scope for healthcare integration engineer, healthcare systems analyst, clinical IT consultant, and technology support specialist.

Healthcare information technology tops the list of top 10 ‘hot careers’ for college graduates in 2011, according to a new study from the University of San Diego Extension. Due to government initiatives in recent years, the study states, the healthcare industry adopted an advanced technology system for managing and utilizing health information, medical establishments have the goal of transferring all healthcare information to an advanced technology-driven database within the next decade. “This fueling a demand [...]


3G Mobile Broadband to Remotely Diagnose Patients in Egypt

text format using a 3G-enabled wireless device. This information is then sent through Mobinil’s 3G HSPA mobile broadband network to swiftly obtain diagnosis from specialists working elsewhere. During this pilot phase, both an onsite physician and a remote specialist diagnose skin conditions, and the results are then compared to confirm the prognosis. To date, diagnosis comparisons completed during the pilot have demonstrated full agreement in 82.2 percent of cases examined. The pilot phase provides valuable [...]