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Healthcare technology an enabler that will help drive efficiency in the system

The healthcare track at the Oracle OpenWorld 2011 conference, held last week at the Moscone Center, saw a nearly 60 percent increase in attendees over last year — jumping from 800 to 1,350 registered attendees. “Making healthcare work” was the theme running through the 18 sessions specific to the industry. And the “resounding” issue attendees wanted to address was trying to break the cost curve, according to Marc Perlman, global vice president of healthcare and [...]


Medical health care laboratories are an indispensable element of modern-day health diagnosis and treatment method

By tikasmitzonian Professional medical labs are way more fundamental today than ever ahead of. Medical breakthroughs normally consider put in explore labs considering the fact that that’s in which experiments transpire and clinical health care laboratories are even a lot more necessary. Clinical health-related laboratories are put to use routinely for a number of health care testing, which is commonplace, even though impractical to house inside the actual doctor’s office or clinic. Laboratory medication [...]


Hand Hygiene Critical for Health Care Providers and Patients

By Deborah Hirsch, TMCnet Contributor Almost one hundred thousand people die every year of infections they acquired in the hospital. But almost 2 million hospital patients get them. It’s easy to see why. Statistics show that health providers only clean their hands the way they are supposed to less than half the time. For years, hospitals have tried to do something about this, initially using “secret shoppers,” or snitches, people who checked up on other [...]


The Patient-Centered EHR

By MARGALIT GUR-ARIE The term patient-centered has become a serious contender for the most flippantly used term in health care publications and conversations. Of course meaningful use is still #1 on the popularity charts, with ACO quickly moving up, but even meaningful use and ACO are almost always accompanied by patient-centered as a way to add legitimacy and desirability to the constructs. Even Paul Ryan’s new recipe for fiscal Nirvana is touting patient-centered health care [...]