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Inconsistent data and a lack of forward-thinking pose obstacles to meeting the demand for healthcare professionals

Health care policymakers’ ability to plan future work force needs is hindered by incomplete and inconsistent data on certain health professions, as well as a lack of training in new care delivery models, according to an analysis by a Washington think tank. The Bipartisan Policy Center on Oct. 18 released a preliminary report, “The Complexities of National Health Care Workforce Planning,” a review of existing work force employment and training. The center, founded in 2007 [...]


Cloud Computing and Healthcare

It’s all in the clouds. That’s at least what IT workers believe. And if you’re in healthcare, that’s where you probably need to be, too. Cloud computing is the ability to use the internet to store and retrieve data. Cbeyond, Inc., a provider of IT and communications services to small businesses, today announced the release of “Guide to the Cloud: HIPAA Considerations,” which outlines areas healthcare providers should consider when evaluating cloud service providers. With the new [...]


One Major Benefit of Health Care Reform Act is Job Mobility

It’s been overlooked — it’s received very little coverage by the popular press — but it’s worth repeating: one benefit of the health care reform legislation will be: enhanced “job mobility.” Employee mobility is one of those terms that probably most Americans have not read too much about, but in-a-nutshell it is this: the freedom of workforce participants to move into their high-value field or work in the job of their choosing. The opposite is [...]


How to stem the relentless growth of healthcare costs

US Healthcare Costs

Understandably, the attentions of health-policy watchers are focused intently on the implementation of the landmark 2010 health reform law. The future of the law seems as unsettled as ever. “Obama-care” draws sharp barbs in the nascent presidential-nominating race. Meanwhile, appellate review of constitutional challenges to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) grinds toward a Supreme Court showdown. Closer to home, New Jersey — and indeed most state governments regardless of party control — [...]


New Construction of Hospitals Provides Long Term Growth

At a medical office conference I attended, influential hospital executives stated that investing their capital in infrastructure needs and health information technology (IT) took priority over building new or renovating existing hospital ancillary facilities. However, the many advantages to  new facility construction support hospital growth strategies and has the potential to help the long term viability of any health system. The two notable examples of construction as a long term growth strategy encompassed within healthcare [...]


Under the agreement, computer giant Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) will market, sell and support NextGen’s ambulatory EHR

NextGen Healthcare Information Systems Inc. Latest from The Business Journals People on the move Apixio adds Steve Roberts to sales, Jenny Field to marketing Integrated Healthcare Solutions lands .5M investment Follow this company expanded its reach in the Health IT marketplace Monday by entering into an agreement with Dell Dell Latest from The Business Journals Austin companies riding the stock market roller coasterSlideshow: Top 10 most-followed companies on TwitterAustin stocks pinched by global sell off [...]


There are four things you have to have in place to get true healthcare reform

The health care reform law is more than a year old now. What do you see happening next with reform? “The price of health care is two or three times the general inflation rate, and as a population, we can’t keep going that way. Both political parties say it’s unsustainable — everybody agrees on that, just not on what to do with it. The political system is so gridlocked that I just don’t see us [...]