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One Major Benefit of Health Care Reform Act is Job Mobility

It’s been overlooked — it’s received very little coverage by the popular press — but it’s worth repeating: one benefit of the health care reform legislation will be: enhanced “job mobility.” Employee mobility is one of those terms that probably most Americans have not read too much about, but in-a-nutshell it is this: the freedom of workforce participants to move into their high-value field or work in the job of their choosing. The opposite is [...]


Affordable Care Act compelling people to buy something they don’t want:Obama’s Opponents


The majority opinion by a 6th circuit panel Wednesday upholding Obama’s health care reform law is a victory for the administration on its face. But to understand just how big a victory it is, you have to read the concurring opinion by Circuit Judge Jeffrey Sutton. Sutton, a former clerk to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and a powerful figure on the right wing of the 6th circuit, meticulously destroys the central and essential argument [...]


The US has the worst healthcare system in the world

This Article  is written by RoadRacer, is the source of this Article:   Escalating Healthcare costs are crippling America’s competitiveness and our economic recovery. They are about 20% of the US economy. $1 in every $5 is spent on healthcare including over 30% of the total Federal Budget, more than a $1 trillion of your tax money. The US has the worst healthcare system in the world. Any other major developed country would deliver [...]


Whole Sale Healthcare System Cost efficient

When you purchase something, would you rather pay the “wholesale” or “retail” price? If you are a rational person, you would say “wholesale” 100 percent of the time because everyone knows that wholesale is cheaper. You are getting it more directly as there is no middleman. Well, that is how you can look at the health insurance system in this country. Private health insurance is “retail” while Medicare and Medicaid and the veterans health care [...]