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How health information technology affects healthcare costs

Health Infromation Technologies

Yearly healthcare spending in the United States is expected to cost $4 trillion by 2015. Health care costs have increased to more than double from just 35 years ago. The fact of this rapid increase has led to much discussion on the cost containment issue and healthcare affordability. The question as to why healthcare spending is rising so rapidly opens a debate on how health information technology affects healthcare costs. Proponents of continuing to use the latest [...]


86 percent of respondents reporting that they would invest in new technologies over the next three to five years:UPS Survey

Global Healthcare Industry

Healthcare executives in the U.S., Europe and Asia are seeing both risks and opportunities as the pace of change in the healthcare industry accelerates globally, according to a new UPS survey. Facing unprecedented demands to reduce costs, keep up with fast-changing regulatory requirements and ramp up innovation in the age of patent expirations and increased competition, executives are making investment plans and looking to protect their intellectual property and market share. A focus on intellectual [...]


How the United States could learn to save money on healthcare by following Canada’s example?

US Healthcare Costs

A recent article by the National Journal inspects how the United States could learn to save money on healthcare by following Canada’s example. According to the article, University of Toronto researchers stated that the United States could save around $27.6 billion a year if it implemented a single-payer healthcare system. Such a system would cut down on the amount of time and money spent by doctors dealing with multiple insurance companies. In the journal Health [...]


Rising Healthcare Costs and Possible Solutions

As lawmakers search for ways to curb spending and address the soaring deficit, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Coalition for Affordable Health Coverage (CAHC) hosted a day-long conference, titled “Controlling Costs: The Price of Good Health,” to discuss the causes and dangers of runaway cost growth and cutting-edge strategies from employers, providers, and government officials to address this challenge. As purchasers of care, employers can do much to shape the health policy debate [...]


10 Ways to Cut Medical Surgical Supplies Spending

Faced with growing medical-surgical supply costs as reimbursements shrink and healthcare reform looms, healthcare providers can reduce their medical-surgical supply spending immediately—and GHX is providing a list of what it recommends as the top 10 ways to do it. The healthcare technology company released its list at the HFMA ANI conference in Orlando, where it will focus on documented opportunities for cutting what has become the second highest and fastest-growing operating expense for providers. Many [...]