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Rise in the Globalization of Healthcare

Pula resor It was once associated with shady doctors and unsafe conditions, but medical tourism has become a booming multi-billion dollar industry. And more Americans are travelling abroad than ever for cut-price health care, in a bid to avert the astronomical costs of undergoing treatment at home. From a nip-and-tuck to dental work or a heart bypass, hospitals around the world treat millions of foreign patients a year – and most of them fly in [...]


Telemedicine Implementation:20 percent decline in patient deaths during its trial period niersity at Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center

As global healthcare reform continues to change approaches to providing quality care, research has shown that implementing telemedicine models in the hospital setting can achieve desirable results. In a recent report, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) outlined ways in which the technology is addressing healthcare challenges, as well as telemedicine’s barriers and recommendations for overcoming them. In the report, titled “Telemedicine: An Essential Technology for Reformed Healthcare,” Freddy Lykke, managing director of CSC Scandihealth in Denmark, [...]


Technology that reduces costs while improving care By Dr. JudyAnn Bigby and Rick Shoup In doctors’ offices across Massachusetts, endless rows of filing cabinets are being replaced by electronic health records that give our physicians easy, secure access to lab results and other critical patient information. With complete medical information at their fingertips, physicians are able to provide better care with fewer errors at a lower cost. Data, unlike bulky paper files, is portable. It can follow you if you change [...]


Digital Pen Technology Saves Doctors Time and Money

By Deborah Hirsch, TMCnet Contributor The world used to dream of a paperless universe. Today we use more paper than ever. But a new technology may make this dream a reality for healthcare providers, allowing for better patient care and reduced practice costs. Called digital pen technology, it’s something that lets doctors write prescriptions and make diagnoses the same way they always have – with pen and paper, but using a special pen that goes [...]