IT Adoption

Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) or in larger view, Information Technology (IT) holds the most powerful change mechanism for people, organizations and governments. There is no opinion against the importance of the role of IT in any big or small happening around an individual, groups or organizations, governments and nations. Information technology is the most important aspect of every important new change, new development or inventions. This role of IT is either as the reason of this change or as the catalyst in change, and most important of all IT has added value to the change as safe, measurable and lasting, with important factor of adapting well to the required change mechanism.

Healthcare over the years certainly has gained tremendously from information technology. IT has enabled patients to be in control of their health and feel empowered. This has also realized the care being more personalized and less complicated. On the same It has made it possible for providers to remain valid and judicious, prove their effectiveness and reach newer heights of care provision. No one can deny the increasing role of IT in healthcare from any angle of care provision, may it be from patients or providers. How I see the development of healthcare IT as being in constant competition for patients and providers and both are reaching for the good of the healthcare.  As there is more and more talk on personalization of healthcare delivery to an individual from patient perspective and more and more patients are adopting IT to winch the care provided, measure and also find faults.  On the other hand providers are asking patients to be more aware and provider better understanding on micro and macro level of healthcare issues to provide more accurate and effective healthcare. Providers are in constant uplift mode to be more cost effective, more diligent and at ease to provide the best healthcare. This phenomena has led to a constant development and newer and newer heights are achieved in care provision. Al this is possible through the right adoption of information technology as per each user requirement.

In my opinion it is more important for care providers to lead this drive to maintain and guide the development of it, rather loose control of this road map and result in being invalid and left behind in the changing spheres due to increasing sophistication in IT at all levels of healthcare or any other service provision. Healthcare providers may it be doctors, nurses, care managers, organizations or governments they have to set goals and provide road map for this very important development. IT adoption shall be at the top of the agenda at both individual and organization level in healthcare.