Health Information Exchange is an important task for CIOs and Healthcare providers to make the information available to all important partners in healthcare sphere.

Health Information Exchange

Increasing frustration due to increasing costs and healthcare has led many to think of options to overcome this and address the root cause. One of the very important and fundamental reasons to this problem in healthcare is disparate healthcare system. Even same providers cannot evade the duplication of records, wasting of time and resources and thus straining their system and incurring higher costs. Also healthcare has yet to match the success levels of other industries to reduce the costs and increase the favorable outcomes. Increasing number of varied healthcare providers, ranging from Governments to big and small private sector providers around the world and Malaysia require a dynamic platform of information exchange in real time.

Implementing a system, which provides ease in information exchange and retrieval, is of pivotal nature. This blended with availability of this to all important stake holders, i.e. healthcare provision, from governments to private sector. to clinics and hospitals, thus bringing in the most desired change how current health information is exchanged. This requires harnessing the business processes at both payer and provider levels, putting trust to the evolving technologies and bringing in the much desired cultural change on all levels of organization may it be big or small.

In my personal view the most important step to bring this change to really prove the very desired results is in creating sustainable development of building an HIE, which keeps changing and adopting to the newer developments, thus remaining up to date and relevant with the growth of technologies on the large scale, Building more close collaborative partnerships and standards of payer provider relationships among key stake holders in government to private sector and among private sector them self.