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Rise in the Globalization of Healthcare

Pula resor It was once associated with shady doctors and unsafe conditions, but medical tourism has become a booming multi-billion dollar industry. And more Americans are travelling abroad than ever for cut-price health care, in a bid to avert the astronomical costs of undergoing treatment at home. From a nip-and-tuck to dental work or a heart bypass, hospitals around the world treat millions of foreign patients a year – and most of them fly in [...]


US employers are using domestic medical tourism for some specialist healthcare:Report


A new report by a leading benefits consultant says that while more US employers are using domestic medical tourism for some specialist healthcare, few are prepared to consider international medical tourism or contracting directly with hospitals. Employers are beginning to rely more on employees to stem the tide of rising health care costs, but the inability to motivate and change habits has prompted concern, according to Aon Hewitt. It asked if medical tourism has a [...]


Focus of Afghan Medical travelers is shifting from Pakistan To India

Medical Travel to India

Kabul, May 29 (IANS) With the volatile security situation in neighbouring Pakistan, more and more Afghans are choosing to travel to India for medical treatment, and the Indian embassy here is bracing for a one-third jump in the number of visas. In 2010, the Indian embassy in Kabul issued over 44,000 visas to Afghan nationals, which has been seen a sharp, steady rise in the last few years. ‘This year, we expect to issue over [...]