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Certification and Healthcare IT Jobs

Timothy Stettheimer, CIO for St. Vincent’s Health System in Birmingham, Ala., has more confidence in IT certifications than referrals and in-person interviews when it comes to hiring. “How do you know you’re hiring a good person? You can get a referral, but so what? Someone can interview well, but so what? How do you really know?” Stettheimer said. “But when you can say, ‘I’ve hit these [IT education] targets,’ that shows a commitment to advancement.” [...]


What needs to happen for CIOs to get a good night’s sleep?

Moblie Heallthcare Technologies

By Ojas Rege, MobileIron Healthcare has always been a first mover when it comes to adopting new mobile technologies, because so much of the work a healthcare worker does is intrinsically mobile. When we speak with our healthcare customers, we hear the same thing consistently: “Our physicians are leaders in their fields and they want the best tools available for patient care and for teaching. They are bringing the coolest smartphones and tablets into the [...]


Affordable Care Act compelling people to buy something they don’t want:Obama’s Opponents


The majority opinion by a 6th circuit panel Wednesday upholding Obama’s health care reform law is a victory for the administration on its face. But to understand just how big a victory it is, you have to read the concurring opinion by Circuit Judge Jeffrey Sutton. Sutton, a former clerk to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and a powerful figure on the right wing of the 6th circuit, meticulously destroys the central and essential argument [...]


CIO Healthcare Summit to discuss,promote and develop smart IT Solutions through collebration And Idea shering

The CIO Healthcare Summit is a gathering for C-suite executives and industry thought leaders to discuss IT challenges currently facing the healthcare industry, including improving patient care, controlling costs and meeting government regulations. With a renewed focus on decreasing healthcare costs, the Obama administration’s goals for the industry have created a buzz. CIOs are looking to utilize available resources, improve efficiency and find new IT solutions. The summit is more than a typical technology conference; [...]


Healthcare CIO’s:Challenging Positions

As IT and clinical processes become more intertwined in healthcare, a nationally known healthcare researcher is concerned that today’s healthcare CIOs are at risk of falling down the leadership ladder. “I’ve recently become very, very worried about the CIO position,” Vi Shaffer, research vice president and industry services director for healthcare providers at Gartner, said Monday at WTN Media’s Digital Healthcare Conference in Madison. Shaffer came of age in the healthcare industry at the time [...]


CHCIO program is surpassing 100 credentialed individuals since the program launched in July 2009

Healthcare IT

The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) Certified Healthcare CIO (CHCIO) Program is celebrating one-big milestone — surpassing 100 credentialed individuals since the program launched in July 2009. Following its last examination in April, 109 CHIME members and CHIME affiliate program participants have earned the CHCIO and CHCIO-Eligible designation. “CHIME is proud to recognize the over 100 certified professionals who have identified themselves as leaders in the healthcare IT industry,” said CHIME Board member [...]