IBM Content and Predictive Analytics to Improve Information and Workflow

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In an event in Las Vegas last Tuesday, IBM unveiled software that was designed for the communication and healthcare industry players that need to improve their information workflows. The network analytics appliance for communications service providers was based on technology that the company acquired from its $1.7 billion buyout of Netezza as well as the $4.9 billion buyout of Cognos. For healthcare providers, it has a content analytics app that utilizes AI algorithms from supercomputer Watson, which gained

worldwide recognition for playing Jeopardy.

In the past five years, IBM has spent around $14 billion to buy data management and business intelligence specialists. Aside from Cognos and Netezza, it also acquired smaller players, such as i2, Platform Computing, and Algorithmics.

The IBM Netezza Network Analytics Accelerator appliance is designed to analyze information based from a wide range of sources, which include mobile devices and social networks. It could be incorporated with the Cognos analytics tools.

IBM also launched software that utilizes Watson’s artificial intelligence that can help healthcare providers analyze patient information to improve courses of treatment and their patient outcomes. It is known as the IBM Content and Predictive Analytics for Healthcare package and uses raw information and transforms it into data that clinicians can apply in practice.


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