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Well another first for HIMSS Professional Development Career Services – the launch of our Emerging Professionals Community!  With well over 13,000 members now in our Emerging Professionals Community (“EP Community”), the time has come to get even more engaged with HIMSS and all that HIMSS has to offer with career growth and development.  Recall in past columns, we discussed our emerging professionals, those with five years or less of work experience in the health IT field.  HIMSS Career Services’ goal is to provide the necessary resources and educational opportunities to the HIT emerging professional by providing educational and career coaching webinars, distance learning opportunities, networking, mentoring opportunities and now in the planning stages for a virtual career fair.

So, the time is now to join the HIMSS EP Community which is a collaborative and complimentary community of professionals that fosters information sharing, new ideas and solutions on how best you can advance your health IT career.  And if you are a HIMSS member, you can simply update your member profile to include the HIMSS EP Community and receive information on upcoming information about webinars, career fairs and distance learning opportunities just to name a few.  So, to learn more about joining the HIMSS EP Community contact us at emergingprofessionals@himss.org.

A good example of the support the HIMSS EP Community has to offer and geared towards our emerging professionals is our next special career webinar series, Masters Class which will be held on Friday, November 11th, 2011, 12:00 – 1:00 PM Central.  Register early to save a seat:  https://himss.webex.com/himss/onstage/g.php?t=a&d=926699228 .  The title is:  Getting on the Career Path to Health IT Consulting: Why and How by Daniel Garrett, Principal & Leader of Health Information Technology Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers.  He will discuss what the advantages to becoming a health IT consultant are.  Today, the demand for consultants has never been greater, and this webinar will help you determine if consulting is the right path for you. Additionally, you will obtain an overview of the new IT landscape for the healthcare industry and the biggest areas where consultants can bring value; understand the skill sets needed for each of the core areas of HIT consulting and learn the advantages of a career in HIT consulting and what it takes to succeed in this lucrative yet demanding field. So, after participating in this webinar, you just might find your next career path!

Finally our Emerging Professionals Community is growing daily and if you are not a member of HIMSS it will soon be a necessity in order to keep up with all of the exciting developments in health IT opportunities today.  So, please visit our website:  http://www.himss.org/ASP/individualHome.asp
to join HIMSS and engage.

And stay tuned for more information as it becomes available and remember ….. Be passionate about your career path and strive to make a difference and learn, learn….learn.  Technology is only the enabler; individuals will be the “transformers” of health IT in the years to come!



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